Mission & Vision (East Elgin Minor Hockey)

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Elevating Rep Hockey for a Stronger Community

East Elgin Minor Hockey emerges as a powerful union, bringing together the rich histories of Belmont Minor Hockey and Aylmer Minor Hockey Associations. Our shared vision, deeply rooted in the betterment of youth hockey, takes form in the pursuit of excellence in rep hockey. As East Elgin Minor Hockey, we commit to the following mission:

1. Elevating Rep Hockey: East Elgin Minor Hockey is dedicated to nurturing elite-level athletes. We are committed to developing not only exceptional hockey skills but also essential life skills, fostering players who are leaders on and off the ice.

2. Inclusivity: We open our doors to every aspiring athlete in East Elgin, ensuring that regardless of their background or skill level, they have access to top-tier rep hockey. Our goal is to celebrate diversity and unity within our community.

3. Strengthening Local Leagues: As we elevate rep hockey, we pledge to leave our local league organizations stronger than ever. East Elgin Minor Hockey aims to create a ripple effect, positively impacting all levels of hockey within our community.

4. Joyful Excellence: We believe in combining the pursuit of excellence with joy, camaraderie, and lifelong memories. East Elgin Minor Hockey is committed to ensuring that every child's journey through rep hockey is fulfilling and enjoyable.

By joining East Elgin Minor Hockey, you become part of a legacy that seeks to elevate rep hockey while strengthening the foundation of our local league organizations. Together, we forge a future where elite hockey thrives, leaving a lasting and positive impact on our community, one child at a time.